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Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13 Atlantic Queen

Beautiful day out on southern Jefferys Ledge today. The waters were extremely calm and the sun was shining. Always a great way to spend an afternoon. Our first sighting of the day was a minke whale just in front of our boat. Minke whales are one of our smaller baleen whales. That being said they still reach lengths of 20-30 feet long!
We spent a little time with this minke whale before moving on further to explore the area. Not long after leaving we saw another minke whale! This one was all over the place, constantly changing direction, and sometimes even surprising our passengers with how close it got to the boat.
Then shortly after another minke whale came into the area! Really great looks at these "little guys". They certainly were curious about us and put on quite the show.

As we started to make our way north before heading home we also saw two more minke whales! Certainly was the day of the minke today. We were also treated to a little harbor seal swimming around.
Thank you to everyone who joined us today! So glad you could make the trip up Al and Peggy! Send my best to Sara. Good luck with becoming a marine biologist Logan! The whales certainly need someone like you to help keep them safe.

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