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Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12 Atlantic Queen

Good things come to those who wait. The trip started kind of slow as we headed out to the southern tip of Jeffreys Ledge. Around 3:00 we still hadn’t seen any whales, and a few of us were getting a bit nervous. Luckily the gloomy forecast that was predicted didn’t seem to be the case. It was beautiful weather out on the ocean today; a slight breeze, calm seas, and partly cloudy skies. Then just up ahead of us we spotted a minke whale.

After spending some time with this particular species we decided to check out more of the area directly off Cape Ann. We saw a humpback blow out in the distance. Unfortunately this particular humpback whale was taking 13 minute or more dives. Clearly a very shy and hungry whale. Then in the distance we saw another blow, but this time is was a fin whale. Again this fin whale wasn’t too keen on giving us some good looks at him. Then another humpback whale came into the area. This humpback was Crystal, a male that was first sighted in 1979/80 out in the Gulf of Maine. Crystal was exhibiting some bizarre behavior taking 5 breaths and then diving for 8 minutes or more, coming up for one breath, and then diving again for sometimes as little as 3 minutes. Not very consistent behavior.

Then all of a sudden Crystal started flipper slapping and rolling over. This is always such a treat to see.

With all the diving from this whale we certainly got some great looks at the fluke(tail).

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