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Monday, August 27, 2012

August 26 Prince of Whales

Two more beautiful trips today! This week has been fantastic with the weather and the whales!

The noon departure began with some uncertainty. The amazing whales from Saturday were no longer in the same place according to boats that left before us. This meant we had to do a bit of searching. As we reached the ledge, we started to see blows in the distance. As we got closer, it appeared that many of the same whales from yesterday had all moved together.

Bolide and Clipper
The first pair of humpback whales we saw included Clipper and Bolide! Not that far away was the trio of Valley, Fulcrum and Perseid! This group was actually pretty funny. Valley and Fulcrum were hanging out side by side, just chilling at the surface. Perseid comes up and attempted to cross in front of Valley's nose. Valley immediately arched her back in a U-shape and trumpeted. Perseid then took her place alongside Valley- just in the same lineup we witnessed yesterday! It appeared that Valley was not in the mood for such shenanigans and put Perseid in her place!
Valley and Fulcrum- note the gull thinking about landing on Fulcrum's back!
Minke whales were seen in the area too! Then we noticed another humpback whale that was breaching not too far away. Of course when we got closer, the whale stopped and began diving for 10+ minutes! We finally got a couple looks at this newcomer- Springboard!

All the humpbacks today were females! Coincidence??

On our trip home, we came across a mother/calf pair of fin whales!! What a surprise! We got just a couple looks and then had to continue on to the dock.
Fin whale calf

Fin whale mom/calf pair surfacing
Fin whale mom and calf

The sunset trip was very nice as well. We didn't make it to the Ledge since we spotted a pair of fin whales that took us north and close to the Isles of Shoals! This turned out to be the same mother/calf pair we had spotted earlier but they ended up over 8 miles from where we had seen them before! The sunset was lovely and the whales cooperated by surfacing right between us and the setting sun!
Fin whale at sunset
Fin whale spout at sunset with Star Island in the background

Thanks for joining us today!!

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