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Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24 Prince of Whales

Both trips today were fantastic and quite different as the whales of Jeffreys Ledge seem to be constantly on the move!

The morning trip brought us 5 fin whales and 3 humpback whales along with a pod of dolphins and a couple of harbor seals. On the afternoon trip, we found dolphins, porpoises, seals, 3 humpback whales and one minke whale!

Both trips showcased a pair of humpback whales- Chablis and Pina. These two were pretty sleepy for both trips, though Chablis was getting a bit wiggly in the afternoon. In the morning, both were logging at the surface and we never even saw their flukes! By afternoon, they still spent a fair amount of time at the surface but would dive down for a few minutes now and then.

Dolphins were great on both trips- jumping out of the water and playing in the wake.

On the morning trip we had several fin whales all around us including #0834. The others have not yet been identified. Mysteriously, the fin whales disappeared during the afternoon, but a minke whale was seen near the humpbacks. Quite the variety of species out there today!!
Fin whale 0834 on the morning trip

Fin whales

Chablis- finally showed us its flukes in the afternoon!

Chablis and Pina

Crystal, the humpback whale, seen on the morning trip

Pina- in the afternoon- she finally woke up!

Very large humpback whale!

Atlantic white sided dolphins

Humpback whale- going down!

Our passengers were great today- thanks to all of you who made donations to our research effort! We greatly appreciate your support! And a special thanks to our patient passengers on the afternoon trip for tending to our wayward land bird that was trying to take a break from offshore flying! Apparently, heads make good nests for tired birds!

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