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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 21 Atlantic Queen

Another gorgeous day on the water!  We stopped to see a minke whale just south of the Isles of Shoals. This was a great minke, coming close several times and giving us looks at its "minke mittens!" We were also excited to see a harbor seal swimming near the boat.

Harbor seal

Minke whale

Then, we cruised further offshore and found an active pod of about 15-20 Atlantic white-sided dolphins!  We watched these dolphins for awhile, then moved to another spot nearby to watch a fin whale. We got a few good looks at the fin whale, but overall, it was taking long dives. As we watched the fin whale, the pod of dolphins moved in our direction, and it had apparently joined with another pod, because now there were 30-40 dolphins!

Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin

Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins

Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin

Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin

Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins

Fin Whale

After watching these active toothed whales, it was time to head home. Thanks to all of the enthusiastic passengers who joined us today!

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