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Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9 Atlantic Queen

Headed back down to the southern edge of Jeffreys ledge in search of some cetaceans (whales). As we approached the ledge we were surprised to find a minke whale just starting to cross our bow. It was a very cooperative minke whale and passenger were even able to see the minke mittens (white patches on pectoral flippers).

We then decided to search more of the area and found a not so cooperative fin
whale. We were able to get a few looks, but saw some humpback whale spouts in the distance and made our way over to investigate. At first we found Bat a female humpback whale that was first sighted in 1979. We saw her yesterday, and seems to be hanging out in this area.

Bat was flirting with danger, swimming very close to two fishing boats. We decided to leave this whale so that there was more space for her to move around and move away from the fishing boats. In the distance we saw two more spouts for humpback whales.

One of the humpback whales was Hornbill. This was the first time I have seen Hornbill this season. Hornbill is a male humpback whale that was first seen in 1977. Not sure who the other humpback whale was, but hopefully the Prince of Whales was able to get an ID shot.

Thank you to everyone for joining us today we hope to see you soon!
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